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So, someone wanted some tips on planning/outlining their novel and instead I made this. It kind of happened.

If you’re new to my silliness let me introduce myself.

My name is M. Kirin and I write books. If you’re interested in writer resources, inspiration, and the adventures of a dork, you could do a lot worse than me :3

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Designing a Journal by smallestforest

*drools everywhere*

I’m crying because I want this

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Series One

Episode One: Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: Stream | Torrent

Series Two

Episode One: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Four: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Five: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Six: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent


- HERE you cand download the extension Hola to watch the BBC iPlayer outside the UK

- Here’s the unofficial official page of Facebook for the show fans

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Look at the notes, people! This post clearly works. Spread the word! As far as we’re aware, people who don’t like In The Flesh are just people who haven’t seen it yet, so don’t deprive them any longer :)


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How to Stay Confident When Writing


Being a confident writer is a very difficult thing to do. We are usually our own worst critics, so it can be hard to feel like we’re writing something worthwhile. While there is always something we can learn and apply to our writing, you need to know that you are a good writer—and if you work hard, you deserve to be successful.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re struggling to find your confidence.

No one can write your novel like you can

If you’re worried that an idea sounds too similar to something else or that you’re not original enough, you need to remember that no one can transform your ideas in the same way as you. You’re the only one who can tell your story, even if the ideas are the same. You offer something unique to the writing community and to your readers, so don’t let it go!

What you’re doing isn’t easy

Writing a novel is hard and a lot of people give up. I know this isn’t uplifting news, but you should know that almost all writers struggle. What makes a writer successful is their persistence. If you have a desire to push through you struggles and stick with your novel no matter how long it takes, you’ll get it done. If there are other factors slowing down your writing, give yourself breaks when you need them. You can take as much time as you need.

Constructive criticism will only help

When we get feedback from readers, especially negative, it can be hard to see yourself as a good writer. We tend to hold on to the negative comments, even if we get a bunch of additional positive comments. It helps to remember that constructive criticism will only help you become a better writer. If you’re getting the same feedback from your beta readers or editors, this is a great opportunity to improve your writing. It’s not fun to hear about your writing flaws, but that doesn’t mean your novel was a bust. It can just be better, which can be said for most novels.

You can rewrite your novel as much as you want

If you’re not happy with your writing, you can always change it. You don’t have to send anything to publishers or agents until you’re ready to submit. You don’t have to enter writing contests if you’re not comfortable. Sometimes when we’re writing we aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of what we’re working on. The good news is that it’s probably only your first draft. NO ONE has to be satisfied with their first draft. You don’t even have to be satisfied with your second draft.  Be aware that you can change your novel until you’re proud of what you’ve written.

-Kris Noel

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Let me know if you have questions!!!

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a little tip about finding your style: never ever stop experimenting. Never finalize anything. Never say “yeah, this is going to be me from now on”

because as an artist you want to change. you want to keep growing and exploring and discovering new ideas and techniques.

so don’t hold yourself back by sticking with something

let yourself mess up and start over and ditch things in a day. but keep going and pay attention to what makes you happy

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Anonymous asked: I want to write. I really do. I've been working on this story for years and creating the world inside my head, but whenever I actually open a notebook or sit at the computer I freeze. I'm scared of writing crap. I'm scared of it all being wasted hours, wasted years. How do I just force myself to write?



Hello, there~

I’m actually happy you asked this on Anon, because I’m going to ask you a few very HARD questions.

You see, any other writing blog would probably point you at many of the dozen times they’ve answered questions like:

"I feel like I’m writing crap" or "I don’t know where to start."

But that is not what your question is really about, isn’t it? No. There is a little something-something to your question that attracted my attention. And this is the part where the HARD (and rather mean) questions come in.

I don’t give a flying fuck who it was, but someone — at some point in your life — told you that writing was a waste of time. Your father, your mother, your school counselor, the pretty girl you met at that one party. I don’t care who it was, but their shitty personality planted the seed of doubt in the garden of your mind. And whoa are the weeds showing.

  • Do you really think writing is a waste of time? Or did someone tell you it was a waste of time?
  • Is there something else you would rather be doing? Or did someone tell you that you should be spending your time doing something else?

Those are not the hard questions. These are:

  • Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy telling stories?
  • If you do, then why do you think it would be a waste of time?

If you’re expecting to put words on the paper and make a masterpiece on the first draft then I am going to give you a reality check. That doesn’t happen. The first draft of everything is shit. It’s going to be crap, the real test comes in revising the story— cleaning it, polishing it, and then you will truly see the beauty in it.

Is it hard? Yeah. But so is everything in life.

I love telling stories. I know that no one else in the world can tell my stories, and that someone out there will be going through a hard time in their life— and that only my words will get them through it.

The garden of your mind is full of weeds, Anon. Doubt has very thick roots— but if you have the courage you can rip it out.

  • If your father told you that unless you’re a doctor you’re wasting your time. Fuck him and his opinion.
  • If your mom told you that unless you get married you’re wasting your time. Fuck her and her opinion.
  • If your school councelor told you that unless you go to an university and get a degree you’re wasting your time. Fuck them and their opinion.
  • If that pretty girl at that one party told you that nobody reads books anymore. Fuck her— and fuck her shitty ass opinion.

You’re going to die someday, Anon. Your minutes are counted. Spend them doing the things you love. The things you enjoy. It’s your life, and you don’t have to make anyone else happy but yourself.

Remove the doubt from the garden of your mind, and please let the flowers grow.

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The Myth of READY


I love you guys.  These words are for you, and also for myself.

I thought that by the time I actually got a creative job in the animation industry I would surely feel…  like less of an imposter.  Nope.  Often times when I get an assignment I experience a moment of pure terror.  Afraid that my last success was an accident and I’ll be shown for what I am in front of an audience that grows with each day in the belief that I am something that I am not.  This feeling comes in white hot flashes between fleeting moments of proveable victory. 

A creative act is a leap of faith, and like many who follow something greater than ourselves, we falter often.

When I was in grad school and still figuring out what was possible, I had a revolving door of people telling me to lower my expectations.  Friends and foes alike, telling me I wasn’t good enough.  And I wasn’t…  YET.  But it did not matter.

It does not matter if you are READY.  

Ready is a lie.  It’s a finish line we point to, always far in the distance, where the weather is always sunny and a roaring crowd waits to give a standing ovation.  

Ready is always far enough away to create comfort, but not so far that we need admit failure.  It is as sweet and delicate a fantasy as exists, but in addition to being only mildly comforting, it is ultimately damaging to our artistic goals.

What creative goals have you been putting off because you aren’t “ready”?  

Whether you want to write a novel, develop a video game, be a character artist for animation— whatever your goal is, the only way to BECOME is to do:)  

Apply for that position.  Go to that convention.  Approach that artist for feedback.  Do it now.  Learn what you can, then do it again.  Every time it will become less daunting.  You’ll find new things to be afraid of in no time;) 

Trying to become perfect in a vacuum, and then present yourself to the world like some sort of gift wrapped God of art making is not realistic.  

Immerse yourself in the community.

Fall down and get back up.

Allow people to help you, and help others in earlier stages than yourself.

Be courageous (and positive:)) as you jump in with both feet!!

This year— to take my own advice.  I will be creating a book of my artwork, getting a table at at least one convention (ECCC2015), and reaching out into the world of kids book publishing as it’s a huge dream of mine to work in books.  And of course creating written content for the followers of this blog;)  I may not be ready for any of these things… yet:)  But this is the fastest way I know to get there:)

I wish you all the best!!  Be fearless!

<3 Jenn

Jennifer Ely is an artist working in the animation industry as a Color Stylist on a Dreamworks television show for Netflix.  She has also worked for LAIKA as everything from Intern to Visual Development Artist.

You can follow her here:

@elyjenna   TUMBLR

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漢家兒女 Hanfu


漢家兒女 Hanfu


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Writer’s Block
A picture says a thousand words. Write them.
Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this picture. Write something about this picture.
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Writer’s Block

A picture says a thousand words. Write them.

Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a critique about this picture. Write something about this picture.

Be sure to tag writeworld in your block!

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Gods  in  his  Heaven,  and  All’s  Right  with  the  World.

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